| Follow Up Program
Нackathon finalists grow up program
You’ll launch your startup and bring a product to market and, as a result you’ll become a successful entrepreneur and partner of InterSystems!
You get resources and support from InterSystems >
Why should you choose Follow Up Program?
We help to test your product >
What you need to participate
Working MVP
Your product is based on InterSystems technologies
You have at least 7 hours a week to work on a project

Start of the Program: December 11th, 2021

Program duration: 5 week sprints

Participation fee: Free

The Program includes
Diagnostic session, where experts of the program will analyze your product and develop a roadmap for work
1 hour per week – meeting with business experts
1 hour per week – meeting with experts on InterSystems technology
1 hour per week – mastermind group with other participants in the Follow Up Program
Watching video lectures
Demo day, where you present your results before experts and potential partners


We are the Engine Behind the World’s Most Important Applications

"Some applications are too important to fail. They support our healthcare systems, businesses, and governments. Health. Prosperity. Society. These are things that matter. What our clients strive to enable every day. And what our software helps make possible."
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